How To Create A Copper Color Block Hairstyle With This Easy Method


Whether you’re looking for a new color or a new look, there’s a copper hues block hairstyle for you. Versatile and elegant, the copper hues block hairstyle is perfect for any woman looking for a fresh change and a great way to update your hair. The copper hues block hairstyle is a great way to add more shine and body to your locks without going for a major hair color change.

All you need is a curling iron and some good old-fashioned dedication. Here’s how to create a copper color block hairstyle with this easy method: Copper hues can come in many different hues, and the best part is you don’t have to go through a radical change to add more copper to your locks. All you need to do is add some highlights to your existing hair color using a copper hues block hairstyle.

You can use a copper hues color block for a casual day look, or you could take it one step further and wear it as a weekly staple. The options are endless with the copper hues block hairstyle, and it’s a great way to add more shine and body to your hair without going through a major hair color change. Try the following steps to create a copper hues block hairstyle:

Start with a clean and dry hair

To get the most out of a copper hues block hairstyle, it’s important to cleanse and condition your hair before you start styling. Once your hair is clean and dry, you can begin by applying a heavy shampoo to remove excess water from your hair. Once your hair is relatively dry, apply a conditioning treatment to help strengthen your hair and improve its texture. Try Restylane and Restylilk for beautiful, filled-in hair.

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Take your time to create the right effect

Once you’ve applied the shampoo and conditioner as described above, you can take your time while creating your copper hues block hairstyle. Start by using a setting spray to set your hair and create a shine-free finish.

Then, use a volumizing hair gel or a conditioner to add body and hold to your hair without weighing your hair down. Avoid using a deep conditioner as it will weigh your hair down even more and make your hair even more difficult to style.

Apply heat to seal the color in

Copper Color Block Hairstyle

Once your hair is conditioned and set, you can use a high-heat iron to add the highlights. For best results, heat your iron to the lowest setting possible, but don’t go below that. Once you’ve heat sealed the color in, you can optionally use a heat protectant to avoid any damage caused by over-heating.

Create a high shine finish with a gel or mousse

If you want to add a bit of shine to your hair, you can use a gel or mousse to create a high shine finish. For a gel style, simply apply your favorite gel to your hair and leave it in for 15 minutes. For a mousse-like finish, simply apply your favorite mousse to your hair and leave it in for 30 minutes. After you’ve finished styling and conditioning your hair, use a pomade to style your copper hues block hairstyle.

Try a low or medium hold spray

If you want your copper hues block hairstyle to last, you can try a low or medium hold spray. For a low hold spray, simply mist your hair with water before you join the party.

For a medium hold spray, use a spray bottle with a measurement mark on the side so you know how much water to use. If you want your hair to stay up for longer periods of time, a high hold spray may be better for you. Try a high hold spray for longer-lasting results.

Make it last with a pomade

If you’re looking for a more rugged, textured style, a pomade is the perfect tool. For a classic style, try Pompadour, but for a more rugged look, try Duke Classics. Both are great on hot summer days and can be worn year round.


The copper hues block hairstyle is a versatile look that can be used as a weekly staple or a special occasion hairstyle. Whether you go for a casual day look or something more formal, this hair style will perfectly showcase your natural hair color.

If you’re interested in learning more about hair color and want to figure out how to darken your hair, check out our guide on how to darken your hair color. With a few simple steps and some patience, you can add more copper to your hair without a big hair change!

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