About us

BlockColorHair is a blog with tips, tricks and advice for hair coloring, hair cutting, hair fashion, hair tips, and more. As a socially conscious company we also understand the pressure that women put on themselves to make their current look feel fresh and new in an effort to remain relevant.

We give women the tips they need to use for positive change so that by the time they leave their salon chair feeling confident of their new look they’ll be excited about it rather than regretful.

Everything we do is focused on giving back.  BlockColorHair is a leading hair blog with a global following. It has been rated among the top ten best blogs about hair worldwide.

The blog covers all styling and cutting topics including new hairstyles, celebrity moments, and product reviews. It also shares appearances from movies and events as well as articles on hair color changing trends, color trends, and how to get your perfect shade of blonde or darker.

If you love stories about celebrities, movie stars, hairdressers and people who are talented in this field then you’ll be at home here.

I am glad that I made a decision to start this blog because it’s given me so much more than just another social media platform where people follow others around doing nothing but taking selfies. Since starting my blog it has helped me learn more about myself than anything else by forcing me outside of my comfort zone time after time when it comes

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